American football is a game which mixes elements of brute strength, finesse, and strategy, the object of which is for one team to score more points than their opponent. To the new fan, the game can appear to be quite confusing at first, but if you take your time, enjoy the excitement generated by a long touchdown run, a beautifully thrown pass, or a rattling hit that you almost feel yourself, the game can infect you with its appeal, and before you know it, you find yourself wanting to learn more, about the history, the rules, and the subtle variations that find the game being played on asphalt playgrounds in city schoolyards, in brightly lit stadiums in small towns on Friday nights. You will find it being played on any crisp autumn Saturday afternoon on college campuses large and small, where the air is filled with sounds of marching bands and excited cheerleaders. For the total fan, there is nothing like the game played at its highest level, where rabid fans and athletes, conditioned and trained mentally to perform at their peak, play on Sunday afternoons in the NFL. There is much to learn about the game, but the idea here is to expose the reader to the most basic of reasons to enjoy American football; the potential for all the elements to come together to provide a memorable and exciting experience.