The AFC or American Football Conference is made up of 4 sub-divisions that each have 4 teams. The divisions are separated geographically and named East, West, North and South. With a total of 16 teams in the AFC, the conference boasts some of the best talent and teams in the NFL including the Pittsburgh Steelers who have won the most Super Bowls in NFL History with 6.

Along with Pittsburgh, there a number of other teams that have been successful in the NFL. Most notably in recent years, the New England Patriots have been arguably the most successful team in the league. Quarterback Tom Brady is a three time league MVP and has another four or five years left of his career. Despite having less Super Bowls than the NFC Conference, they consistently bring the most talented and most respected teams out every season. The New York Jets have been making waves in recent years thanks to a wealth of new and young talent. Along with a very outspoken coach in Rex Ryan, the Jets seem to always make an impact in the league. Other teams like the Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers and the up and coming Kansas City Chiefs have all been threatening to become the next Super Bowl champion.

The rest of the teams in the AFC have been improving year and year out. Expect to see an AFC team raise the Lombardi Trophy in 2012.