You’ve been gearing up for months and now we’re only weeks away from one of the biggest moments in any football fanatic’s life: college football season kickoff! You’ve got your TV ready and you’ve even planned a football party…here are the teams you need to keep an eye on during the earliest weeks of the season…
University of Georgia: Less than formidable in season’s past, UGA has gone through an intense rebuilding moment and is ready to play. With his job likely on the line coach Mark Richt has a lot to prove and just the right lineup to prove it once and for all.
Oregon: Coming out of the gate at warp speed last year, Oregon’s offense hasn’t gotten any weaker in the offseason. This team is fun to watch and exciting to cheer for…unless you’re an opponent.
Alabama: The perennial favorite in the SEC the Crimson Tide is back this year with a vengeance. After the 2011-2012 season there will be little doubt who comes out the winner in the Alabama football battle.