Both college football teams and NFL teams play a high quality level of football. The enthusiasm surrounding a winning collegiate football program is unmatched anywhere in sports. A top notch NFL team has a raucous fanbase that can’t wait for each Sunday to come. There are some differences between the teams though.

NFL teams run a much more complex style of offense than college teams. Professional athletes are well versed in their craft and study film day after day. Due to this, they know the opposing team’s system very well. To combat this knowledge, offenses have to scheme game plans that can confuse the opponent. By installing complicated offenses, the offense is trying to establish an advantage over the top notch defenses in the league.

A college football program is much more likely to operate a simple offense. Some teams will simply say we are bigger and stronger than you so we will run the ball down your throat for the whole game. This simplicity is allowed because some college teams are much more talented than others. The need to confuse the opposition isn’t a necessity when they can’t stand a play they know you are going to run. Those are some of the differences between NFL and college football teams.Keep looking, there’s more: Free Football Picks – College Football 2011-2012 Preview