In 1920 the American Professional Football Association opened its doors for business. It consisted of eleven teams. By 1922, the league had changed its name to the National Football League (NFL) and began to make the moves that would make it one of the most successful businesses and sports of all-time.

In 1922, the NFL fielded eighteen teams including the Chicago Bears and the perennial powerhouse the Canton Bulldogs. The teams played twelve games and struggled to survive. Yearly, teams folded and/or moved to communities that were deemed more supportive. Even the mighty Canton Bulldogs moved to Cleveland for the 1924 season and managed to win another title. By 1925, the New York Giants were admitted and the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cardinals made headlines with player signings and a championship, respectively.

The 1930′s were a golden age for franchise instability. Teams were opened and moved at the whim of their owners. In addition, the influx of college athletes made any team capable of contending if they could acquire a Harold “Red” Grange or Bronko Nagurski. This was a time for many franchises to show their fans their staying power. Only a league wide draft would even the playing field.