College football is arguably the most popular sport in America. College football is filled with history, rivalries, and a rich tradition that keeps fans engaged in the sport. The history of the sport dates back to the 1800′s in which The College of New Jersey, known as Rutgers, and Princeton played against each other in New Jersey on November 6, 1869. This game was the first documented college football game in America. The game was played different than the new college football rules. The game used soccer style rules. Rutgers won the game 6-4.

Eventually in the late 1800′s American College’s began to adopt the sport of college football. The rules were similar to rugby, but a man named Walter Camp, known as the father of football, created a new set of rules for the game. More colleges started to form teams and this led to more competition amongst the schools.

Due to the violence of the sport President Theodore Roosevelt threatened to ban college football due to the deaths and majors injuries that were occurring. President Roosevelt called a meeting with the major schools to discuss a way to change the rules to make the sport safer. The meeting led to the creation of the Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States. This group was established in 1906. This committee was in charge of the rules for college football. Eventually the IAAUS changed its name, in 1910, to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The NCAA continued to make the sport of college football safe for the players involved and meet frequently. Eventually more and more colleges started forming football programs which led to an increase in school spirit, tradition, pride, and school revenue.