High school football in America may not have the origins that you would think it does. Rather, the game has a deep history that had almost nothing to do with the way that it is played today. Instead, in 1929 a Philadelphia man began the first youth football league as a way of trying to give structure and guidance to those in his community who were vandalizing the area.

The league ended up growing and expanding to more teams. Before long, what had started as a four team league was now all the way up to being a league of 16 teams.Is this new to you? Catch up here Before long, the league that had started from nothing was taking on a face all its own.

High school football sprang out of youth football, and it was a nearly instant hit. Communities have long been the engine that keeps the sport moving. You would be hard pressed to find a high school football team that was around that did not have strong backing from the community around it. This is the way in which the team is able to survive in the first place. Communities still back their teams strongly to this day. That is the way that people like it.